IUT Combinatorics Group

The combinatorics group in Isfahan University of technology (ICG) includes a vibrant community of three faculty members and a number of Master and Ph. D. students. The research interests of the group cover a wide range of fields and touch on graph coloring, extremal combinatorics, probabilistic method, algebraic graph theory, Ramsey theory and etc. Moreover, the work of the group has a close connection to computer science and specially algorithm design and theory of computation. The group has also held a number of national workshops and conferences on combinatorics.

For more details about the research interests, publications, courses teaching and the potential positions see the homepage of the faculty members. In this website you may find some useful information about the courses provided by the group, their publications, the dates of local seminars and important events as well as some useful information related to the field of combinatorics and graph theory, the template files and some guides needed by the students.


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