Local Seminars

Date Subject Speaker
1394/12/16 Application of Graph Theory in Traffic lights phasing Ms. Nasr
1394/10/20 Edge distance regular graphs Ms. shafiei
1394/10/06 On Ramsey numbers of paths and cycles Ms. Rahimi
1394/09/22 Recent results in graphs and hypergraphs decompositions Ms. Khodadadpoor
1394/09/15 Online matching and adwords Mr. Poorhadi
1394/09/08 Linear programming and some rounding techniques(part2) Dr. Javadi
1394/09/01 Linear programming and some rounding techniques(part1) Dr. Javadi
1394/08/24 Dependent random choice(part3) Dr. Omidi
1394/08/17 Dependent random choice(part2) Dr. Omidi
1394/08/10 Dependent random choice(part1) Dr.Omidi


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