Master Students

Name Thesis Title Year Supervisor
Elham Shirazbakhti Formation of Self Equilibrating Stress Systems for Sparse Flexibility Matrices in the Force Method (for frames structure) 2017 (1396) B. Omoomi
Elham Moloodian Web Graphs 2017 (1396) B. Omoomi
Mahsa Mozafarinia Injective Coloring of Graphs 2017 (1396) B. Omoomi
Malihe Abdollah Preserving the Privacy on Social Networks by Clustering Based Anonymization 2016 (1395) B. Omoomi
Roza Nasr On a Traffic Control Problem Using Interval Graph 2016 (1395) B. Omoomi
Maryam Taleb Clique Coloring of Graphs 2016 (1395) B. Omoomi
Hourie Mehrabiun Application of Graph Theory in Privacy Preserving in Social Networks 2015 (1394) B. Omoomi
Azam Naghizadeh Equitable List Coloring of Graph 2015 (1394) B. Omoomi
Mojgan Saeedi Application of Graph Theory to Analysis Complex Biological Networks 2015 (1394) B. Omoomi
Marzieh Vahid Dastjerdi The Star Edge Coloring of Graphs 2015 (1394) B. Omoomi
Mohamad Banavand Resolving Sets for Jhonson and Knser Graphs 2014 (1393) B. Omoomi
Fatemeh Kiyani Equitable Coloring of Graphs 2014 (1393) B. Omoomi
Zahra Ghaeli Vector Representation of Graph Domination 2013(1393) B. Omoomi
Mehdi Jeznabadi Sigma Coloring of graphs 2013 (1393) R. Javadi
Saied Joorbonyan Silver Coloring of graphs 2013 (1393) R. Javadi
Neda Khalife Gholi Clique Covering and Krauz dimension of graphs 2013 (1393) R. Javadi
Alireza Sadeghpour Characterization of Claw-free Graphs 2013 (1392) B. Omoomi
Tayebe Safarpour  Line Hypergraphs 2013 (1392) B. Omoomi
Fatemeh Modallelian Orthogonal Vector Coloring 2013 (1392) B. Omoomi
Nasrin Mohammad Soltani Dominating Set in Graphs and Facilities Allocation in Transportation 2013 (1393) B. Omoomi
Akbar Davoodi Vertex- Coloring Edge-Weighting of Graphs 2012 (1391) B. Omoomi
Shahla Farahmandi On the Coloring of Steiner Systems 2012 (1391)  
Mahboobeh Jannesari Application of Graph Theory in Molecular Biology 2012 (1391) B. Omoomi
Somayeh Beygi Biclique Covering of Graphs 2012 (1391) B. Omoomi
Yadolah Sourani List Coloring Conjecture 2011 R. Omidi
Hamed Fahimi Incidence Coloring of Graphs 2010 (1389) B. Omoomi
Malihe Modallelian Hamiltonian Coloring of Graphs 2010 (1389) B. Omoomi
Sara Salehirad [r,s,t]-Coloring of Graphs 2010 (1389) B. Omoomi
Tayebe Gholami Characterization of Graphs by Star Complement Technique 2009 (1388) R. Omidi
Elham Roshanbin Star Coloring of Graphs 2009 (1388) B. Omoomi
Zeinab Maleki Total Restrained Domination Number of Graphs 2008 (1387) B. Omoomi
Ramin Javadi Chip Firing Game and b-Coloring 2007 (1386) B. Omoomi
Ali Pourmiri Local Colorings of Graphs 2007 (1385) B. Omoomi
Fahimeh Ramezani Domination Coloring of Graphs 2007 (1385) B. Omoomi
Mansooreh Sajadi Generalizations of Ramsey Number 2007 (1385) B. Omoomi
Fatemeh Amini Interval Graphs and Prob Interval Graphs 2004 (1383) B. Omoomi
Elham Hajarzadeh DNA Graphs 2004 (1383) B. Omoomi
Amir Khamseh Locating Sets and Locating Numbers in Graphs, 2004 (1383) B. Omoomi


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