Ph. D. Students

Name Thesis Title Year Supervisor
Marzie Vahid Dastjerdi     Behnaz Omoomi
Akbar Davoodi Clique Coverings and  Clique Partitions of Graphs 2016 (1395) Behnaz Omoomi
Zeinab Maleki On the Set Intersection Representetion of Graphs 2015 (1394) Behnaz Omoomi
Behrouz Bagheri On the Cycle Double Cover of Graphs  2013 (1392) Behnaz Omoomi
Ali Behtoei Locating Colorig of Graphs 2012 (1391) Behnaz Omoomi
Mohsen Jannesari The Metric Demention of Graphs 2012 (1391) Behnaz Omoomi


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